Monday, August 4, 2008

How UiTMT Student Can Improve Their English

English is very important student especially in university because most of university use English. In UiTMT also use English. UiTMT student must learn English to get best result in university. There are a few ways UiTMT student can improve their English.

One of the way UiTMT student can improve their English is they should not think that English is difficult but they should think English is easy and enjoy. Many students always think English is difficult. That is wrong. If they think English is difficult, it will be more difficult to them. They will fell boring when learn English. But if they think English is easy, they will happy when use English.
Beside that, they also can improve their English by read more English materials. Many student in uitm do not like to read English material. It must not be like that. Reading English material can add their vocabulary. If they know a lot of word in English, it will easy to them to use English in day life.
Student uitmt also can improve their English in class with lecturers and their friends. student must not shy when speak English in class although other friends laugh them but make it as a thing to increase their spirit to excellent in English.
The last way to improve their English is make dictionary as their best friend. they must always use dictionary when they do not know any word in English. If they do this, I am sure they will excellent in English.

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